News Release

Home (In)Security

Sylvia Ziemann

Home (ln)Security is a series of work featuring small homes that contain narrative clues through videos and miniature installations. The work is a hyperbolic account of the present obsession with the home and security.

The centrality of the home and a heightened sense of threat from outside (the unhome-like) have lead to growth in renovations, home security systems and homeland security. The exaggeration of the difference between inside and outside increases the sense of threat and an agoraphobic and introverted attitude to the world. For some, their cozy havens become spaces of confinement.

These works incorporate high and low technologies to explore how we are remodeling our homes into little utopias that are still haunted, ironically, by the outside world through virtual means. Many of the works are inspired by current events as shown through the media and blended with domestic situations. These works all play on the idea of our homes as places of safety or confinement. We find refuge in them but they can also be places of fear.