News Release

Social Rejection
curated by Clayton Windatt

All artists have received rejections; some more frequently than others. The guilt, shame, pain and isolation that an artist feels when they receive a rejection letter can seem insurmountable. This project will empower artists that have been rejected by publicly acknowledging the hostile environment that artists face. Social Rejection is a curated exhibition of rejection letters from artists, collectives and organizations, this exhibition will address the stressful condition imposed on the artistic majority by the elite few.

Clayton Windatt is an artist, curator and outspoken advocate for artists' rights. He holds a BA in Fine Art from Nipissing University and received his Graphic Designer certification from Canadore College. He contributes actively to several provincial and regional organizations as a writer, designer, and curator and is an active visual and media artist. Clayton's current curatorial vision explores the unclear nature of the funding world, peer assessment committees and what constitutes acceptance.