Dark Triangle
Evan Tyler
Michael Dent


Dark Triangle

In this exhibition Dark Triangle explores the image of the flag as a universal archetype. Through imagining themselves as a community that exists (independently) with its own (hermetic) ideology, culture and style, the collective reinterprets this ubiquitous icon and uses the flag to encourage irrational emotional investment. Dark Triangle Nationalism!

The installation will consist of a series of flag-inspired pieces and a reprise of the performance "I Swear That I Can See Forever In Your Eyes" which debuted at Galeria Estacion Cero in Oaxaca de Juarez, Mexico, on November 15, 2012.

Dark Triangle is an art group founded by Ulysses Castellanos, Matt Crookshank and Zorica Vasic in Oaxaca, Mexico. They are developing their multidisciplinary practice in a decrepit abandoned house where they have studio squatted for the last year and a half. The work produced by Dark Triangle celebrates an intuitive, spontaneous and experimental approach.


Evan Tyler
Pain and Persh

"Pain and Persh" is a 47 minute narrative comprised of a series of monologues and written reflections describing one human being's attempt to seek out a peek sober experience away from from the drug and alcohol fuel'd ways of his urban routine. His failures, perversions and brutally honest insecurities of the human condition come together in what turns out to be a strange love affair with the mundane attributes of physical space and one's connection to the banal quality of the back of a house, or that one chair that no one ever sits in; a concept coined in this video as "Persh".

Evan Tyler is an intermedia artist, gallery director and curator who uses all three entities to tell the story of the human condition in all of it's mundane brilliance. Tyler works in video, photography, drawing, writing, text and performance. Humour and the absurd are consistent themes in Tyler's work which he uses as entry-points in acknowledging and perverting social behaviour as well as the models, tropes and templates inherent of contemporary culture.

Born in Regina, Saskatchewan, Evan Tyler grew up making home movies and rap recordings. The Fine Arts Program at the University of Regina honed his multidisciplinary practice and in 2008 he earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts (BFA), majoring in Intermedia. Tyler has exhibited his works and curated exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

Tyler currently resides in Toronto, Ontario where he is the owner and director of all programming at gallerywest, a contemporary art gallery located at 1172 Queen St West.

Tyler's video work is represented by V Tape in Toronto.


Michael Dent
Sunday Bloody Sunday (bloody socks framed under glass) 2014
Cancer (metal sculpture) 1991

Michael Dent has been a brash and bristling voice in popular culture since the late 1970s. He got his start at Toronto's and Canada's first punk club, the Crash 'N Burn, as the drummer for The Dents, in 1977. Following that, he booked bands for the culturally iconic, but long-gone, Beverley Tavern from 1985 to 1987, giving such bands as Cowboy Junkies their first gigs. A disastrous love affair and the suicide of his brother were Dent's impetus to journey down the darkest alleys of our culture as a Vancouver-based heroin addict between 1994 and 1998. Some of these experiences are chronicled in his books of poetry, Die With Me and Pearls Before Swine. Both were self-published shortly before he left for the west coast. His poems have also been published in numerous magazines both in North America and in Europe. Upon emerging from this underworld, Dent met multimedia artist Karl Spreitz, who lent him his first camera in Victoria, and became his photo mentor. Dent began producing short videos and exploring photography as a means to question his experience and to document the fragility, pathos, and moments of stubborn survival and transcendence in our world.

Dent currently resides in Toronto, Ontario where he pursues photography, spoken and the written word and maintains a close connection with gallerywest as a community member in charge of event documentation.