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Evan Tyler
Sheri-D Wilson

Depicting an existence far beyond our social proximity is a challenge, but an artful one. Bridging the realism of modernity with the idealism of past relationships, "You might just make it after all.../ I am a Closet New Yorker" explores various attachments to metropolis living with specific references to New York City.

Through audio, visual and ideological insertions—this exhibit is not only a reflection of the artist's mind-collective, but also acts as a sensory catalyst expressing a common thread found at the core in many of us.

As part of the opening reception, the poem "I Am A Closet New Yorker" was performed aloud by acclaimed Canadian poet and playwright Sheri-D Wilson. This poem was inspiration for Tyler's investigation into New York City and his own ability to become a New Yorker,

Focusing on the transition of rural, small-town living to that of fast-paced urban centres—Tyler presents his connection to the attractiveness of big city occupancy and his continuous arrival into idealistic urban geography.

"I want to express a constant arrival to a place, and a continuous affirmation of the more romantic ideals of city living," Tyler states.

One of three videos featured in the exhibition serves as a reaction to the early 1990's "Ghostbusters 2" motion picture. The film is revisited through a process of physical and metaphysical connections. These connections are formed through visual and audio variations that help to glamorize and validate the enticing appeal of New York City. This mesmeric allure is a seeding ingredient in Tyler's overall presentation.

The notion of the 'urban uniform' continues to expand as our culture transitions with a modern dexterity witnessed through our daily discourse, interactions and desired identities.

In a series of sound recordings, Tyler takes to the streets of New York City, posing as a modern-day Manhattan businessman.

Tyler asserts a style to presenting and preserving his 'deemed' identity through a bundle of fake phone conversations. These phone conversations are representations of Tyler's assimilation into New York culture. The conversations may be fictional, but the premise of such banter is strikingly real.

The fascination with urban centers continues to be of intrigue to many and it is through a modernized template of conceptual and innate realities that such attachment furthers.

"You might just make it after all.../ I am a Closet New Yorker" focuses on this ongoing metropolis temptation as it relates to the artist and the habitat in which we co-exist.

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About Sheri-D Wilson

Sheri-D Wilson's performances – have had audiences on their feet in New York, London, Paris, Montréal, Vancouver, Taos, Seattle and South Africa. Winner of the USA Heavyweight Title of Poetry, and in 2010 was named one of the Top 10 poets in Canada. She has 7 collections poetry, 3 VideoPoems, 2 CD's and she is featured in the half hour documentary Heart of a Poet for Bravo!TV. In 1989 she attended Naropa in Boulder Colorado.

Sheri-D is Founder/Artistic Director of Calgary Spoken Word Festival & Director of The Spoken Word Program @ The Banff Centre |