Andrew James Paterson

Interdisciplinary artist Andrew James Paterson has been invited to gallerywest to present an exhibition in response to his 2008 videotape The Enigma of S.A.P. Therefore, his exhibition is called S.A.P. The works responding to the videotape include one analogue-flavoured installation, several frame-grabbed still images from the source video, seven paintings not unlike the sourced images in The Enigma of S.A.P., five silent animated projects, and a pair of concretely poetic text works. Every work in this exhibition has a title containing words beginning with S, A, and P. This exhibition positions pictures against language as well as analogue against digital. S.A.P. can also be interpreted as a site-specific or gallery-related performance.


Andrew James Paterson is an interdisciplinary artist working with performance, video and film, musical composition, and both critical and fiction writing. His performances and videotapes have been presented and exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally. Paterson was formerly the lead singer and principal writer for a band called The Government, between 1977 and 1982, which made several recordings and one "music video" How Many Fingers?. Paterson has served as a board member for Trinity Square Video, A Space, and YYZ Artists' Outlet, all Toronto-situated artist-run galleries or organizations. He has previously curated media-art programmes for Trinity Square Video, A Space, Mercer Union, Cinematheque Ontario, Pleasure Dome, Available Light (Ottawa) and YYZ Artists' Outlet, and he has written on media-art and cultural politics for FUSE, PUBLIC, IMPULSE, and FILE, as well as contributing to anthologies published by Gallery TPW, Pleasure Dome, and YYZBOOKS. He is the co-editor ofMoney, Value, Art, published by YYZBOOKS in 2001. In 2003, Paterson debuted , an inter-media performance remix of his film and video works in tandem with performative monologues, co-produced by Pleasure Dome and the 7a*11d Performance Art Festival-both of Toronto. Mono Logical has been presented in Calgary, Kingston, and Winnipeg, each performance characterized by a different remix. And, in 2005, he edited Grammar & Not-Grammar, an anthology of scripts and essays by media-artist Gary Kibbins, published by YYZBOOKS. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, Paterson's own media-works have been of two different but parallel strands. Some works are comprised of Super-8 film stocks, shot by the artist walking behind the camera and synthesizing documentary with performance. Several different works are composed of the artists's still graphic images collaged into a Final Cut Pro editing program, and are arguably as much examples of "visual art" as they are film or video. All of his media-works also involve writing and original music. However, Paterson has recently been experimenting with wordless moving images.

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