Rowan Pantel

Growing up in the tree line of Northern Saskatchewan, Rowan Pantel was less drawn to images of open prairie and more captivated with depictions of forests, lakes and rivers. Saskatchewan has a varied and diverse landscape, one that the artist sees as often overlooked.

On the evening of Nuit Blanche, Pantel will be creating paint-by-number outlines of the prairie landscape, forests, lakes and cliffs. Throughout the twelve hours of the Scotia Bank Nuit Blanche event, the audience will assist in creating a panoramic Saskatchewan landscape by filling in the blank templates with pre-determined colours. The panoramic paint-by-number panels will be 3 feet high and will extend 100 feet around the gallery walls.

At the end of the evening there will be a live art auction for the sale of each 2 x 3 foot sections of the work. This
will celebrate the project completion. The bids will start at $1.00 to anyone who would like to take a piece of the art work home with them.

The purpose of this performance is to examine the nature of the Saskatchewan landscape. The artist will act as a guide and the participants will create the work. This process of artistic creation is intended to break down the barrier of who can be called an artist and who gets to create work during an organized art event.


Growing up inside the tree line of Northern Saskatchewan, Rowan Pantel’s work is heavily influenced by the natural environment and the continual changes that take place within it. Her work investigates the folklore of the forest, childhood memory and how memory and space change over time. In 2008, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan, majoring in Printmaking. The work from her graduating exhibition represented Saskatchewan at the BMO 1st ART! exhibition in Toronto. She is currently completing the final year of the M.F.A. program in Intermedia at the University of Regina.