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“Burried Waters” by Jon Muldoon.

Observing the city streets one might be aware of the necessary functional elements that continue the motion of society, but what about the underground?  Jon Muldoon’s exhibit “Burried Waters” explores the structures of Ontario waterways, portraying the complexities of visual landmarks and hidden spaces.

Muldoon spent five years researching, in an effort to capture the fluidity of water and its current confines.  The use of ambient work lights helped to illuminate such transitional pictorials.

Muldoon’s work highlights the contact between the lens, its relation to light and water, and the overall experience of the underground.  Through junctions and size elevations the construction of each photograph and the structural makeup of the chosen waterway are together conveyed through a visual and audio simulated installation.

“I’m hoping by the addition of sound—including the obvious signs of human presence in the audio—will further encourage the notion of human interaction with our former rivers and creeks,” states Muldoon.

From a Century ago to the present, the changes in roads, villages and suburbs have been modified, having construed new perimeters for societal functionalities.  The streams that once had occupancy throughout Toronto and its suburbs have seemingly become dismantled, leaving a mystique and an unfinished scope of desirable ruin.

This exhibit helps to awaken and celebrate the experience of water; its movement and development though time, and how we digest those manipulations.

Muldoon seeks to address the treatment of these ‘buried waterways’ in hopes to create a dialogue between the surface and its associations underground and how those associations invade our reality.

Lake Ontario, Niagara River, and Garrison Creek are some of the waterways in focus.

“Buried Waters” runs from November 1st to November 30th with the opening reception being held on Thursday, November 4th from 7-10PM.

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