Jennifer McRorieImprint

Jennifer McRorie

... Imprint focuses on the mark of disturbance; that scratch, sore or incision that has ingested the skin. The tactile representation of flesh is done through meticulously-crafted oil paintings. Each painting is directional yet forms a paradox of damage and control through lasting marks of experience.

The markings aid in the assessment of self, where individuality and sufferance are recorded both on a public and private canvas – one’s own skin.

“A scar is evidence that something real has taken place, either through an incidental event or with intention, and therefore, is an articulation of contingency and agency on the body,” McRorie notes.

In her work, Jennifer asks questions such as, ‘Are we what we remember?’ ‘How much authorship do we have over the course of events in our lives?’

It is through the relationship between one’s physical and psychological remembrance that the marked body becomes the narrative.

“The skin is more than just a body’s surface layer, it is a screen, a filter; a medium of passage and exchange where life experience is reflected, absorbed and processed.”

Subjects used in the exhibit are people McRorie has known, who have shared their personal stories. Some of the scars are result of accident and some are inflictive, in the form of self-cutting.

Forging autonomy with ownership each scar surfaces as a powerful representation of self.


About The Artist
Currently residing in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Jennifer McRorie holds a MFA from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand and a BFA from the University of Regina. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, received grants and awards, and can be found in the permanent collections of the Saskatchewan Arts Board and City of Regina, as well as various private collections in Canada and New Zealand. Her work often engages issues of body politics, memory, identity, abjection and nature.