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jonathan edward mayhew

10 Degrees Mouth:
A solo exhibition by jonathan edward mayhew

Curated by Xenia Benivolski

The Legend is Black: 10 Degrees Mouth at Gallerywest is an exhibition of recent paintings by Jonathan Edward Mayhew. While Mayhew follows a self taught tradition of painting about sexual situations associated with a queerpunk aesthetic, his work projects a genuine quality that comes from a real possessive desire and a tenderness towards his subject matter. The paintings appear almost earnest, even if gratuitous and hilariously didactic in their content: the dream-like palette betrays a sensitivity that mellows the sassiness of his subjects. This departure from aestheticised politics towards an emotional ground is a central theme in the curatorial project The Legend is Black, which encompasses the Butcher Gallery, the Whitehouse and Gallerywest.

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The Legend is Black is an independent Curtorial Project by Xenia Benivolski concurrent with This Is Paradise/Paradise Now.

Paradise Now is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the City of Toronto, CARFAC and OCAD University.

For information about Paradise Now please contact Rae Johnson, Artistic Director of Paradise Now at :