Bad Dreams

Brette Gabel

In BAD DREAMS Toronto-based artist Brette Gabel explores the context of nightmares through intricate quilts and visual mementos.

Gabel has a fascination with the horror genre and it is through her creative patchwork the viewer may feel comfort and discomfort simultaneously. Three large quilts (two queen size and one double) made with cotton and appliqué will be featured as part of October’s showing at gallerywest. In addition, two wall hangings will also be included. Eerie image shudders representing sleep disorders are among the images that asses collective fears and insecurities.

“Each piece represents a nightmare interpreted by myself and then turned into a quilt that the dreamer can sleep under,” explains Gabel.

Brette draws inspiration from a collection of classic horror films such as, The Shining, Psycho, The Exorcist, The Omen and The Nightmare On Elm Street franchise. By confronting feelings of shock and sensual comfort each quilt becomes relevant to the story and to its owner. This public observation allows viewers an opportunity to connect fears of isolation with lurking questions commonly experienced in our minds.