The Beaver goes Logging and The Legend of Bison Hughy

New video works by Michael Farnan

The Legend of Bison Hughy: The Legend of Bison Hughy tells the story of a man whose life is transformed by a surprise (and potentially deadly) encounter with a bison in Northern Saskatchewan. Now obsessed, Hughy tries to become a bison and follow in the small but significant tradition of spiritually-driven people, who alienated from their own heritage, immerse themselves in adopted cultures of apparent balance and wholeness.

The Beaver goes Logging: This short video features a man who dresses up in a Beaver costume whilst firewood logging in the rugged hinterlands of British Columbia.

These two videos recount the stories of Bison Hughy and the Beaver, active members of Michael Farnan’s New Canadian Naturalist project. The NCN is a group dedicated to individuals who in an effort to better understand their natural surroundings, create animal costumes in order to explore different facets of Canadian heritage and identity.