The Exquisite Corpse Video Project
VOL. 3

Curator & Project Coordinator: Kika Nicolela

The Exquisite Corpse Video Project (ECVP) is a unique video collaboration among artists from all over the world, inspired by the Surrealist creation method, the “Exquisite Corpse”.

Using the semi-blind, sequential method of the surrealists’ game, ECVP participants create video art in response to the first or final ten seconds of the previous/the following member’s work. Each member is asked to incorporate and respond to the segment received, creating transitions as they please, until everyone’s vision is threaded together into an instigating final “corpse.”

Though the "exquisite corpse" method was created by the Surrealists almost a century ago, the participating artists incorporate this process to produce experimental video art responding to our contemporary environment. The ECVP is an audio-visual variation of the Surrealists exercise, which demonstrates a wide range of aesthetics, concepts, and contexts present in the current International video art landscape. The inspiring process of exchange, among ‘strangers’ from around the world, illuminates the possibilities of globalized collective creativity through artmaking.

Participating Artists
Renata Padovan [Brazil] Gabriela Golder [Argentina]
Alvaro Campo [Switzerland] Fernando Velazquez [Brazil]
Jorge Castro [Argentina] Jan Hakon Erichsen [Norway]
Stina Pehrsdotter [Sweden] Alysse Stepanian [US]
Simone Stoll [Germany] Jorge Lozano [Canada/Colombia]
Marcelo Amorim [Brazil] Kai Lossgot [South Africa]
John Criscitello [US] Alexandra Gelis [Colombia/Canada]
Per Eriksson [Sweden] Sohrab M. Kashani [Iran]
Pila Rusjan [Slovenia] Alicia Felberbaum [UK]
Ronee Hui [UK] Nung-Hsin Hu [Taiwan]
Ulf Kristiansen [Norway] Brad Wise [US]
Nika Oblak & Primoz Novak [Slovenia]
Dellani Lima [Brazil] Jan Kather [US]
Evelin Stermitz [Austria] Anders Weberg [Sweden]
Gérard Chauvin [France] Deirdre Logue [Canada]
Wai Kit Lam [China] Nia Pushkarova [Bulgaria]
Gabriel Soucheyre [France] Sojin Chun [South Korea/Canada]
Josh and Zachary Sandler [US]
Niclas Hallberg [Sweden] Anthony Siarkiewicz [US]
Kim Dotty Hachmann [Germany]
Giada Ghiringhelli [Switzerland]
Lucas Bambozzi [Brazil] Mads Ljungdahl [Denmark]
John Creson and Adam Rosen [US/Canada]