Prints Of Darkness

michael dent

featuring a Funeral for Zellers

Spring is commonly associated in art and literature with hope and new life, with the physical presence and untested promise of new life, with actual and metaphorical fresh starts. It seems a time of joyful innocence, of fresh energy and awakenings. Spring has a darker side, too, and this dark side forms the essence of Michael Dent’s newest show, entitled Prints Of Darkness.

What the exhibit shows is what lies beneath the receding blanket of snow. It reveals what has been hidden from view, frozen and forgotten, swept under the rug.

These images of mortality brought into the spotlight of awareness trigger memories and emotional responses in the subconscious of the viewers. Spring is now wearing the rot of what we forgot, come back to haunt us.

Spring can also be seen as tragi-comic, pratfall slapstick, as we witness the yearly parade of bold and bright young critters as they become willing, unwitting fodder for car tires or failed flights.The work documents life’s undeniable cruelty to the innocent, the adventurous, the fearless and the brave.

In spite of this, every response these images provoke in the viewer can be seen a victory over death, as any reaction reveals the opposing spark of life and awareness, ignited by revulsion and compassion.

The viewer may also understand that every bit of rotting flesh becomes, in time, the groundwork and the food for future dreams.