Circum by Taimaz Moslemian
book launch and exhibition

"The natural world provides plenty of substitutions for the penis: bananas, long and curved, are an easy high-school sex-ed favourite, while cucumbers, carrots, and a host of other oblong produce incite humorous metaphors. In exploring circumcision—a complicated and controversial demarcation of masculinity—what else could be a more appropriate stand-in for the penis than what nature has provided for us?

Circum is a series of images by Taimaz Moslemian in which he utilizes the variegations of the vegetable kingdom to present an exploration of the penis, with a touch of humour often absent from artwork about the body. Presented as diptychs, the same vegetable is shown twice; once in its natural, unblemished state, and again with one end delicately shaved clean of its tough skin to reveal whatever matter lies inside. "

Excerpt from the essay by Amanda Rataj for Circum, published by Anchorless Press.