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Rob Bos

View Singles In Your Area: Toronto
(portraits from Zoosk - dating site)

A self-portrait can bare a genuine reflection of physicality, but it can also present varying truths that are formed through the eyes of the beholder.

Online dating operates much like an interview in that the information relayed is controlled and planned. As the dater continues to present the 'facts' on his or her background, viewers begin to make connections about the subject and the profile picture acts as reference. Re-profiling the profile picture is the premise of gallerywest's latest exhibit.

Rob Bos addresses the notion of profile seduction and privacy in his exhibit 'View Singles In Your Area: Toronto (portraits from Zoosk dating-site)."

Bos, born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, presents a collection of 40 paintings consisting of portraits, which he took from the Zoosk dating site. Each 8'' x 10'' painting is framed with the corresponding profile name identified below the image.
Fascinated by the abundance and variety of portraiture that dating sites house, Bos became attracted to the composition and aesthetic of the portrait and how each person chose to represent themself. Artistically emulating and contextualizing the image was part of this recreation process.

Sourcing the online network with real world inclusion, Bos used people from Toronto as a grounds to start a conversation while exploring the online - offline.

"My role as an artist in this project is in making paintings from these attractive images, displacing their online persona by making it in paint and exhibiting it publicly. "

Bridging the online cybersphere with the waking world – bundled associations seemingly prevail, while underlying identifications are digested by the observer.

"View Singles In Your Area: Toronto (portraits from Zoosk dating –site)" runs from June 1st to 30th. The opening reception will be held on Thursday, June 2nd from 7pm to 10pm.

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