Body Talk

Marvin Antonio
Renée Drexler
Shannondoah Malloy
Taimaz Moslemian
Setareh Zakeri

curated by Joan Lillian Wilson

Body Talk features the work of Marvin Antonio, Renée Drexler, Shannondoah Malloy, Taimaz Moslemian and Setareh Zakeri. The exhibition, comprised of photographic as well as sculptural works, explores the discourse of the body as a vehicle for social and political dialogues.

While the notion of artist-as-model carries a rich history within modern art, little attention is currently being paid to contemporary artists who continue to utilize modes of self-representation. This lack of emphasis is particularly true of artists who use their own bodies to highlight the ever-present individual and subjective constraints that result from the narratives of race, gender, and religion.

In an essay on the work of Frida Kahlo, Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen noted not only Kahlo’s use of the body as a bearer of signs, but her language of masquerading the self as an inscription of metaphor. Body Talk brings together emerging artists working within this dialogue to create altered and performative representations of the body that transcend and problematize conventional discourses of the ‘othered’ self.