2FIK's latest body of work "Unreleased" explores the gap that can exist between a person’s sense of belonging within a culture, and the culture’s opinion of that person. In this work, 2Fik performs multiple visions of “self,” while exploring the positive and negative prejudices that accompany visual perceptions of the “other.” This exhibition presents a series of dramatic tableau photographs in which characters from different cultures meet and evolve.

This exhibition marks a special occasion in gallerywest history. The artist 2FIk is gallerywest's inaugural exhibitor ("Chosen Identities", 2010) and in many ways contributed to the standard of success gallerywest is able to achieve as a space for contemporary art through his own standard of excellence and fearlessness. Since October 2010 gallerywest has housed over twelve shows a year and continues to provide an environment for unique conversations and experiences with art and community.

Scotiabank CONTACT photography festivalThis exhibition is part of the 2013 Scotiabank CONTACT Festival

A catalogue of 2FIK's work will be available at gallerywest throughout the month of May featuring an essay by Evan Tyler.

About the Artist

Born in Paris in a Moroccan Muslim family, 2Fik has lived in France for most of his life. As he also spent several years in Morocco, he also identifies with it's culture. In 2003, on the spur-of-the-moment, he came to Montreal, a destination chosen for its apparent tranquility. Following his emigration experiences, 2Fik rapidly found himself amidst a fusion of religion, politics and society.

As an artistic director, photographer and model, 2Fik captures pictures of himself that he likens to a single image. He can therefore be found several times in his photographs, in various attitudes and sporting a range of accessories. Through his toying with reality and fiction, the viewer becomes confused. 2Fik's recurrent characters end up embodying real individuals to whom the artist gives a complete identity: personality, age, sex, origin, occupation and interests. These figures are related to each other: they arise from the universe and life experiences of the artist.