News Release

"Chosen Identities" and "A Semitic Score"

2Fik, contemporary artist and performer, will be featured at two upcoming public events in Toronto.

In the spirit of the acclaimed citywide, all night arts festival, Nuit Blanche held on October 2, 2010, 2Fik will be giving two live performances (9:30pm and 2:00am) called “A Semitic Score". This performance will take place at gallerywest, 1332 Queen St. West.  In his presentations, 2Fik performs a long-distance, virtual duet with British artist, Oreet Ashery.  This work explores the identity of Muslims and Jewish people through the notion that they share the same DNA, as each artist will play the role of his/her alter ego.

gallerywest is proud to present Montreal-based, contemporary artist, 2Fik as its first featured artist.  His photographic exhibition “Chosen Identities” will open to the public on Monday, October 2.  The opening reception will be held on Thursday, October 7, 2010, 7-10pm. 

gallerywest congratulates 2Fik on his upcoming shows and we hope to see you at 1332 Queen St. West.

2Fik:  Biography
Born in Paris to a Moroccan/Muslim family, 2Fik has lived in France for most of his life. Because he spent several years in Morocco, he identifies with that culture as well.  He impulsively visited Montreal, a destination he chose for its apparent tranquility.  Following his emigration experience, 2Fik found himself immersed in a fusion of religion, politics and society.

As an artistic director, director, photographer and model, 2Fik captures photographs of himself that he likens to a single image. His image appears multiple times in his photographs, in various attitudes sporting a range of accessories.  His work is reminiscent of the tradition of “trompe l’oeil”, challenging the viewer’s perception of reality.  The various characters portrayed by 2Fik are in part derived from the artist’s own personality and embody an identity consisting of personality, age, sex, origin, occupation and interests, discreetly unfolding through his disguises.  The protagonists come to life against the backdrop of a multicultural Montreal, simultaneously suggesting a TV-style reality show where each of their destinies revolve around Fatima.  She is central to all of the other characters:  Abdel, Manon, Benjamin, Sofiane, Marco, Alice and Francine.  The sum of their experiences and emotional baggage add up to different social realities, providing the key to understanding their respective existences.  Viewed from a voyeuristic perspective, the photographs encourage us to learn what was happening outside of the frame.  However, a second interpretation takes us beyond reality television, because these lives are in reality a reflection of our current society.

2Fik’s photographs draw the viewer into a true societal melting pot.  At first glance his approach elicits laughter, however on a subtextual level, the mood darkens to the point where viewers might find themselves questioning their own identity.  2Fik intends a playful, yet powerful approach to achieve a social reflection.  The stereotypes encourage the audience to discuss the idea of universality, because within the stories each person can recognize a part of themselves.  2Fik’s photographs transport us into a true melding of society.